Collection of animated sculpture work: zoetropes, phenakistoscopes, praxinocopes. 
"Haunted House", 2024, Paper sculpture with 4 hand-painted phenakistoscopes
Paper, cardboard, gouache, acrylic, gel pen
"And It Just Goes On and On Forever", 2024, hand-drawn phenakistoscope
Gouache and oil pastel on wood
Inspiration II, 2023
Praxinoscope sculpture with motor.
"Salad", 2023, 40" wood and cut felt phenakistoscope sculpture, 2023
"Plant a Seed", 2023, 18" x 14" paper mache praxinsoscope sculpture, 2023
18" wood and cut paper phenakistoscope sculpture, 2022
"Salmon Cannon" cut paper phenakistoscope sculpture, 2020
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